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Welcome to our Oooh, Love That...! shop  All of the items listed in our shop are also showcased on our blog

We are sisters and have come up with this plan to post outfit ideas to showcase our lovely unique finds and offer you the chance to have them in your very own collection...!

We may look completely different and be different sizes but we will show how most of our items can be rocked in a more than presentable fashion by anyone of any size...!  That is what Oooh, Love That...! is all about, fashion made simple for all sizes and all looks.

Carissa is the pretty, cutesy and edgier one, think effortless, pretty and well put together and Miss T is the racier more in your face of the two, think short skirts, low tops and high heels (and often all at the same time! **gasp!!**).  That said, we can wear the exact same thing and just rock it completely differently...this was evident when we went out a few weeks ago when we went out for a night on the town and then swapped outfits halfway through.  It was so much fun we think we'll be doing that more often...probably not during one of the short skirt-low top-high heeled combos...Carissa does not approve of those quite so much...!

Where we differ in appearance we certainly make up for it in personality, we both love a laugh and think the other is probably one of the funniest people we know as there are often huge belly laughs, tears and everything whenever we get on the phone and it's worse in person...!

Another area where we are identical is in our LOVE OF SHOPPING!!  Neither of us can ever bear to leave a great find behind... which is evident from our bulging cupboards and drawers - and not to mention the amount of boxes that we both seem to have...!

We are ever so glad that you have dropped by and we hope that you will enjoy the OLT shopping experience.

If you like what you see and want to be kept up to date with what's going on - remember, you can always check out the blog, so you don't miss a thing...!